The third Get-together training week-March 1

March 9, 2023

Topic: Creative problem solving

Trainer: Carine Chisu, Learning innovator, ArmaniChisu BVBA

Carine Chisu gave training on creative problem solving on 1st March, entitled:  “Foursight Mindset Revel – how do you approach a challenge?”. She started with an introduction on creative thinking and how it differs from the analytical thinking we use in everyday life. The trainees were divided into two groups and had to do the task on a “foursight” creative set of constructing a model in a certain time frame. This warm-up activity revealed to participants the value of teamwork and the differences in thinking. There are 4 main types of profiles based on our thinking preferences: clarifiers, ideators, developers, and implementers. After receiving the personalised profiles evaluation, the participants brainstormed about how to make sure they get recognised for their research, and then in groups worked on their idea and solution that would help them reach the goal of recognition.

(by Ante Ivcevic, PhD)