Meet our Fellows: Sinem Helvacıoğlu Akyüz

April 24, 2024

Title of the project: Effect of simulated microgravity on hepatic drug transporters – Space-imπACT

Description of the project:

More than 500 astronauts have been sent into space to conduct exploration missions thus far. This number is expected to increase at high pace in the next decades given the rise of touristic space travel. Spaceflight affects various physiological processes in astronauts due to harsh environmental conditions, notably microgravity. Currently, the impact of microgravity on drug transporters remains unexplored. The project will investigate the potential of simulated microgravity to alter drug transporters and to induce cholestasis using in vitro systems by using liver cell lines. The knowledge that will be generated in the project is critical for taking appropriate measures to counteract pathogenesis, especially given long-term space missions.

Nationality: Turkish

VUB department and supervisor:

In Vitro Toxicology and Dermato-Cosmetology Department, Prof. Mathieu Vinken

Starting date: 15 April 2024