Meet our Fellows: Eric Worlawoe Gaba

April 30, 2024

Title of the project: Development of Pine-Prosthetics (πine-Prosthetics)

Description of the project:

Lower limb amputation causes significant disfigurements and renders amputees less mobile and at risk of loss of independence. Globally, attempts are being made to promote a culture of green technologies that are not only robust but environmentally friendly and socio-economically relevant to the development of societies and improvement in the quality of life of people. The use of plant fibre as a reinforcing material has become a popular choice within the polymer composite industry because of its properties of biodegradability, affordability, low-energy demand for processing and availability. The prosthetic field among other fields has seen limited or no application of plant fibre as a reinforcement material for prosthetic socket design. In this project, we investigate how pineapple fibre can be engineered for prosthetic socket development. The goal of this project is to establish a feasible and viable pathway for the application of plant fibre for prosthetic socket development.

Nationality: Ghanaian

VUB department and supervisor:

Mechanical Engineering

Prof. dr. ir. Tom Verstraten

Starting date: 15 April 2024