Meet our Fellows: Ante IVČEVIĆ

March 1, 2022

Title of the project: Science, Management and Information transfer: What enhances LEarning processes between policy-makers and scientists concerning coastal risk management? (SMILE)

Description of the project:

Public decision-making reflects the perceptions and preferences of many individuals, it questions the financial impact of scientific information, and it depends on power relations that determine which preferences influence decisions more than others. This project aims to explore how policy-makers interact with scientists and receive scientific information regarding coastal risks, as well as how they take into account the needs of the general population, how risk reduction policies are drafted and communicated to the general population and how the latter increases the acceptance of policies. It is necessary to understand how policy-makers perceive and take into consideration scientific information. This project is designed to be interdisciplinary combining physical geography, coastal environmental science and governance. The central research question of the SMILE project is: What enhances learning processes between policy-makers and scientists concerning coastal risk management? The main research question can be divided into three core sub-topics: RISKS: On the nature of risks and risk perception; POLICY: On the assessment of existing coastal policies; and INFORMATION: On the scientific information transfer.

Nationality: Croatian

VUB department and supervisor: : Geography Department, prof. Matthieu Kervyn de Meerendre

Starting date: 01/03/2022