Meet our Fellows: Luiza Teixeira-Costa

We are happy to announce Luiza will be joining our MSCA-COFUND ImπACT programme from July.

March 3, 2022

Title of the project: Mistletoe and Host Ecology in the Urban Environment: Potential Positive Effects

Description of the project:

My project aims to analyse the interaction between the mistletoe (Maretak) and different host trees located in the urban and peri-urban areas around Brussels. More specifically, we will test the possibility of potential positive effects promoted by the mistletoe to its hosts. Results will provide valuable and new insights into plant physiology and ecology, as well as help generate better parasitic plant management practices.

Nationality: Brasilian

VUB department and supervisor: : Biology Department, Ecology and Biodiversity research group; Prof. Prof. Dr Harry olde Venterink

Starting date: 01/07/2022