Miloš Mihajlović (Serbia) obtained his B.Sc. degree in Biotechnology (2011) and M.Sc. degree in Medical Biotechnology (2013) from University of Trieste (Italy). He carried out his graduation project at the Italian Liver Foundation in AREA Science Park Trieste, under the supervision of Prof. Claudio Tiribelli and Dr. Natalia Rosso, working on the development of an in vitro model of alcoholic liver disease. In 2018, he obtained his PhD degree in Drug Innovation from Utrecht University (The Netherlands) where he worked on the preclinical safety evaluation of bioartificial kidney for the improvement of kidney disease treatment, in the context of MSCA-ITN program BIOART, under the supervision of Prof. Rosalinde Masereeuw and Prof. Dr. Luuk B. Hilbrands. From 2018 to 2021 he continued to study the functional and safety aspects of bioartificial kidney in animal models of chronic kidney disease as a postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University under the supervision of Prof. Rosalinde Masereeuw (in collaboration with Baxter GmbH). Currently, he is enrolled as a postdoctoral fellow in the MSCA-COFUND program Imπact at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) where his research is focused on studying hepatotoxic potential of parenteral nutrition using animal-free and human-based in vitro experimentation for chemical risk assessment purposes, under the supervision of Prof. Mathieu Vinken.