Meet our Fellows: Stefan Chichevaliev

We are happy to announce Stefan Chichevaliev

February 16, 2022

Title of the project: The Level of Influence of Macro-level Factors on Organizational and Individual Factors (in Social Entrepreneurship)

Description of the project: This project aims to analyse the level of influence of the macro-level factors on the meso- (organisational) and microlevel (individual) factors in the social entrepreneurship context. It is crucial to understand how the environmental elements impact the development of social entrepreneurship to better the efforts and advance towards creating a conducive ecosystem.

We will draw evidence from the literature, connect with key stakeholders and talk with social enterprises and social entrepreneurs. With their help, we will analyse what they need from the ecosystem and present a picture of a conducive ecosystem that fosters the development of social entrepreneurship, in particular, social enterprises as a catalyst of transformational change.

Social entrepreneurship is the future of entrepreneurship, and with this project, we aim to help and support them in achieving their potential as advocates for change by providing them with the opportunity to speak up and demand a better and more supportive ecosystem.

The proposed research project has a threefold implication. This data contributes to the development of SE on a national and local level and provides policymakers with a roadmap, helps the SEnts to better understand the environment they undertake activities in, and helps researchers and contributes to the literature by opening an area that currently lacks critical investigation. Consequently, it presents an innovation in the research community, which is also an added value.

Nationality: North Macedonia

VUB department and supervisor: Faculty of Social Sciences and Solvay Business School, Department of Business, Prof.Dr. Nikolay Dentchev

Starting date: 01/04/2022